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Currently Available Positions: Workshop Leader, Campus Marketing Consultant

Locations: Boston, Connecticut, New York City.

Descriptions Provided Below


Workshop Leader:
We are looking for instructors for our workshops. Our instructors will co-lead groups of up to 15 people through 2.5 hour-long sessions. They will walk seminar participants through the results of their Distill Assessment, educate seminar participants on job functions and industries, tell stories about working and job seeking, and help individual students work through seminar exercises. Our Seminar Instructors must enjoy presenting and be skillful at engaging audiences. They must be skilled at creating and facilitating a conversation about work and careers between students and the instructor. They must also enjoy helping others succeed and feel comfortable providing encouragement and ?advice to others.

We will provide formal training to our instructors that will explain our curriculum and what needs to be taught. Nonetheless, a really valuable part of the session can be the instructor’s own experience working, so we prefer instructors with at least a few years of work experience. This is a part time position with a variable schedule. Seminars will run during the evening and on weekends. The goal will be for each instructor to have 5 hours of session time per week, but instructional time will depend upon demand. ?Starting wage is $50 per hour.
?• Bachelors Degree with at least 4 years work experience;?
• Experience facilitating small group discussions;
?• Experience communicating with students and/or young professionals;?
?• Ability to work in the early evening & weekends.  


How to Apply:?

Send a brief statement of interest in the body of your email to? natalie @  Attach a current resume. See? to learn more about the company.

Campus Marketing Consultant
Career Cadence is seeking current students to act as our Campus Marketing Consultants. Each consultant is independently responsible for developing and executing his or her own strategy to recruit customers from their campus to our seminars. The consultant will be given a small marketing budget, some marketing materials, a manual of best practices, and a half-day training on building relationships and marketing. The rest is up to you. Consultants will be compensated $25 per person that attends an open seminar, and $17.50 per person at seminars organized for student clubs.

The Campus Marketing Consultant must be highly familiar with their college campus and to have healthy social networks, including involvement in student clubs, Greek life, athletic teams and leagues, or other social activities. This individual must enjoy selling to others and reaching out to people they don’t know. They must feel comfortable asking both students and administration for opportunities to present our program.

    •    Recruit students to participate in seminars
    •    Develop relationships with student leaders to recruit club and organizations as participants
    •    Design and implement innovative sales strategies (potentially including offbeat in-person promotions, online promotions, nontraditional strategies and building relationships with school administration.)
    •    Work within a limited budget to advertise Career Cadence and strengthen our reputation on your campus;
    •    Recruit a minimum of 8 people per seminar.
    •    Check in twice monthly via online or phone.
    •    Attend one seminar for free to be familiar with seminar product.
    •    Attend a sales training workshop
    •    Enjoys making sales and winning others over;
    •    An interest in marketing and/or social media;
    •    Excellent knowledge of the social fabric of your college campus;
    •    Ability to work independently and think creatively;
    •    A desire to build and grow something new;
    •    Ability to commit the time necessary to fill seminars (expected 6 hours/week);

How to Apply:?

Send a brief statement of interest in the body of your email to? alan @  Attach a current resume. See? to learn more about the company.