The Distill Assessment

ampoule serif;">What is the help serif;">Distill Assessment?

Most assessments look at only one piece of who you are - like your personality or interests. By just looking at just one dimension, you miss out on critical information for identifying the career for you. The Distill Career Assessment looks at four layers: your personality, your strengths,  motivations and your values. This combination provides a far more complete picture of who you are. With over 500 million unique results, it will be customized to you.

The Distill assessment is a critical part of our process. When you incorporate your assessment results into our workshop curriculum, it becomes an effective tool to both identify your ideal careers paths and develop your unique personal marketing message.


How is the assessment part of your program?

With the assessment's 4 layers, we can provide you with important insights, like whether you would enjoy law, human capital consulting, quantitative marketing, or 300 other jobs. We can help you identify your ideal job description as well as those that would burn you out. We can also show you how to distinguish yourself in the eyes of a prospective employer.

Unlike other assessments that give you entertaining but not very useful information, ours is actually geared towards the world of work. And, it takes less than 45 minutes to complete.

Once you've signed up for a Career Cadence Workshop, the Distill assessment will be available for you to take at your convenience.


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