The Career Cadence Workshop

Attending the workshop, you will work through a rigorous program that delivers you results in just a few hours.


remedy serif;">How it works:

You'll have two workshop leaders, coming from very different perspectives, but both experts in the job search and career search process.

You'll be in a small group. Such an environment creates effective classroom discussions and gives you time to work with workshop leaders one-on-one when you have questions or get stuck.

We make it as easy as possible to answer those 'big questions'. Figuring out what you want to do with your career is hard. Articulating how you are different from everyone else isn't much better. To make it easier, we give you worksheets, frameworks, checklists, examples, and anything else we can come up with. If we can find a way to make this process simpler, we'll put it in our program.

You'll be done in just a few hours. You'll work quickly and intensely through our program. Afterwards, you'll have all the big pieces to move forward with your job and career search.

Why a workshop:

The Career Cadence workshop gives you time to focus, freedom to work through this process independently, and expert guidance for any questions you may have. We don't lecture. We give you the opportunity to build the critical resource you need for the job search. Getting career guidance in a group works better than one-on-one, because learning about who others "are" will help you figure out who you're not. 


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